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For many people, building a new home is one of the biggest decisions they will ever make. Selecting the right partner in your new home build is vital to the success. No one wants to be blindsided with extra costs, or have subpar workmanship that will come back to haunt you. That is why we created a list of 5 tips to consider when choosing to build a new home.

Spend Time Educating Yourself On Your Options

Rural properties are unique in that they have the versatility to be situated with site build homes or to use a transportable home. Often times the cost to manufacture a home in a factory is lower than building a comparable home on site. There are also different options if you choose to use a transportable home. Manufactured homes, modular homes and Ready to Move Homes are all different and should be researched before making a decision. We recommend Ready To Move Homes as they are built stronger than most site builds and are nearly impossible to tell the difference. Keep in mind that RTM’s appreciate in value just like a site build.

Focus On Quality, Not Price

One of the first questions for most home builders is how much does it cost per square foot? Square footage price doesn’t ever tell the whole story. Floorplan size, specifications and allowances are just some of the factors that could skew the square foot price between builders/homes. We recommend not just going with the lowest price right away. Compare the specifications of each offer and see if the discrepancy between the prices is due to quality. Of course it is important to stay within your budget but building a low quality home will cost you more in the long run.

Ask Questions

Ask your potential home builder questions! This will help put your mind to ease that your builder knows what they are doing and also create open communication between you two. It is a red flag from the start if a home builder has a problem with answering your questions.

Understand Changes and Selection Choices

With such a big project, there will be things you may not have thought about at the start or that you have change your mind about. Having a builder who understands this will allow you to make changes without charging crazy amounts. Some builders also limit your selections which will stop you from getting your home, your way.

Take Your Time

Do not rush if you don’t feel comfortable with your potential builder. Perhaps this builder isn’t for you or they are yet to earn your trust. Consider asking for references of satisfied past clients.  Don’t forget to check up on your builders experience. Are they a new company or do they have a proven track record?

With these five tips, you will be much more prepared in the search for your new home builder. Have thoughts or questions on this post? Contact us and let us know! 


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