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When building a new custom home, you have many options. So how do you decide on which way to go? By prioritizing the most important elements of a new home build, you can be assured that you are making the right choice. We have created a list of the most commonly prioritized elements when building a new home. A ready to move home ticks off these boxes! 



By building in a factory, your home will reduce wasted time and costs for mobilization and demobilization. You will also save on materials as there is less waste. This also means that you will have a more accurate quote right from the start, with only allowances and extras chosen by you altering the final purchase price. Another major consideration that is often overlooked is that RTM’s appreciate in value over time.


The quality of an RTM is what sets it apart to other factory built homes. Since RTM’s are transported as one complete unit they have to be built stronger to withstand the move. For example, sheathing on the inside of the home and LVL’s add strength to your home. Be careful though! Always remember to check the specifications as not all RTM’s are built the same.

Flexibility on the Floor plan

Since RTM’s are built stronger, the only restrictions on your floorplan is based on the roads from the factory to the final destination. This means wider homes are not a problem to build. In fact, a custom RTM builder will let you completely design a house that is functional for you. No more limits on your dream house.


As mentioned earlier, factory built housing eliminates the need for mobilization and demobilization resulting in more work being done on building your home. In addition, the on site work/foundation can be worked on simultaneously. This will allow you to choose to build custom as construction will take about the same time as the on site work such as building the foundation and getting permitting.  On average, an RTM takes as little as 13-15 weeks.

Stress free

It can be a major headache trying to coordinate sub trades, especially in remote locations. Some sub trades will charge extra or miss deadlines. With an RTM factory, all of this is taken care of with both a centralized location and the builder taking on the responsibility to coordinate.

Still not convinced? We can do an analysis and breakdown the cost and specifications so you know what the best solution for your needs is. Just Contact us.

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