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Ready to Move Homes

Ready To Move (RTM) Floor Plans

Where To Start With Floor Plans

We have many floorplans available. However, all floorplans are merely a start.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we are a custom home builder, and as such, we seldom build a home according to the floorplans we have available without some client requested modifications. Some people think that your home is custom built and therefore is more expensive.  This is far from the truth.  The word “Custom” means to us that we are building the home for you individually and only to your specs and wishes. 

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How to Choose What Type of Home Is Right For You

The current residential housing market consists of a number of different options. Most homes are built on a particular site with all the little pieces of that home brought and assembled right there on its final location. In efforts to keep costs down without compromising quality, a new solution was created. A home built somewhere else and delivered on or behind a truck. We new refer to these homes as "factory built housing".

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What is RTM - Ready To Move Home


Ready to Move Homes are conventional homes that are built at a factory. These homes can be built for full basements, crawl spaces, pilings and grade beams, or pony wall foundations. Usually built in one piece, these homes use engineered trusses and are built to CSA Standards. Contrary to popular belief, these homes are built to superior standards in both construction practices and material quality.

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