What is a "Ready To Move Home"?

An RTM is a conventional home built in a factory and then transported to site. These homes can be built for full basements, crawl spaces, pilings and grade beams, or pony wall foundations. Usually built in one piece, these homes use engineered trusses and are built to CSA standards. Contrary to popular belief, these homes are built to superior standards in both construction practices and material quality. 

Can an RTM be custom built?

Absolutely! We specialize in custom builds in order to deliver the best home to our clients. We have plenty of floor plans available to get you started with, but each floor plan can be fully customized.

Why build an RTM instead of a site build?

  • Quality Control - Because RTM's are built in a factory, we always have supervisors and quality control officers on site. This means daily quality control checks to ensure that our homes are of the highest quality.
  • Cost Control - In a factory setting, costs can be kept down as materials can be purchased in bulk and left over materials can be used for the next house. Sub trades also do not have to incur travel costs. 
  • Time - An RTM can be completed much faster as there is no wasted travel time, set up and take down of equipment and you can have the foundation built simultanously with the home construction.
  • Controlled Environment - In a controlled environment, there are fewer surprises that can lead to more accurate budget and schedule estimates.
  • Convenience - We take care of the construction of your home so you don't have to worry. Also, you wont have to live through a construction site.

Is transportation for an RTM expensive?

Transportation costs depends on the location and size of the home being moved.

How much do RTM's cost?

Pricing depends on several factors, however our team of professionals always work hard to keep costs low. We do an internal cost calculation to determine if an RTM or site build is more cost effective for your project. 

Do RTM's get damaged in the move?

Every RTM will undergo some minor stress during the move which is why we build our RTM's stronger than their site build counterparts. There will be drywall cracks during the move (these cracks are cosmetic damage only and will not impact the structural integrity of your home), however we will schedule a time that works best for you in order to come repair any damage that may occur. 

Can you attach a garage to an RTM?

Yes you can!

Are RTM's inspected?

Yes! As a certified CSA builder, our RTM's go through vigorous inspection on a daily basis. If that's not enough, check out our Alberta New Home Warranty.



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