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We have many floorplans available. However, all floorplans are merely a start.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we are a custom home builder, and as such, we seldom build a home according to the floorplans we have available without some client requested modifications. Some people think that your home is custom built and therefore is more expensive.  This is far from the truth.  The word “Custom” means to us that we are building the home for you individually and only to your specs and wishes.

When looking at the floorplans, please remember that almost every home you see has clear span roof trusses.  This means that interior walls are easily moved around, interior doors are easily moved. Other things that are usually easily changed are roof pitches, window and door locations and sizes, and kitchen layouts.  Some things that are more difficult to relocate on some floorplans are the staircase or the mechanical room location, but even that can be looked at.

We build RTM homes as well as homes on site. We use the same materials and labor process for both. Quality is equal in both, but an RTM has more strength built in.  This strength comes from things we do to assist in the move of a home. All our wall sheathing is glued on, and we install OSB sheathing under all drywall on the inside of our homes, on the ceiling; the exterior walls and on some interior walls. The open web floor system is strengthened with a full length engineered laminated beam which takes away a lot of “flexing” in transport.

So choose a floor plan that you like, and let us help you modify it to make it YOUR custom home!

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