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Ready to Move Homes are conventional homes that are built at a factory. These homes can be built for full basements, crawl spaces, pilings and grade beams, or pony wall foundations. Usually built in one piece, these homes use engineered trusses and are built to CSA Standards. Contrary to popular belief, these homes are built to superior standards in both construction practices and material quality.

Why an RTM?
Construction of your "Ready to Move" home happens in a controlled area with continuous quality control. Costs are kept down because of the ability to purchase materials in bulk and sub trades are not traveling to isolated areas. You do not have to live through the inconveniences of a construction site. Customizing your home to meet the needs, expectations and desires of your lifestyle is available when purchasing a Destiny RTM home. Any options or upgrades found in site built homes can be included in your home. Timelines, on average, are shorter than most of your site built homes.

Ready to move homes are always moved by a professional house moving company using the correct and appropriate equipment. These houses are moved in one piece so when it is placed on the foundation it is ready to be lived in almost immediately.

These homes are being prepared to be moved during the entire construction period. Special beam pockets will be created in the foundation to accommodate the beams that the homes will be transported on. After your home reaches near completion - light fixtures, closet doors and any other moving parts will be blocked for non-movement during transportation. As soon as the home is on the foundation, these secured items are put back into place.

CSA Required Approval
All of our homes are CSA approved. This requires that CSA's high standards are met. Our homes are not only subject to our daily inspections, but also to CSA's random inspections.

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