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The current residential housing market consists of a number of different options. Most homes are built on a particular site with all the little pieces of that home brought and assembled right there on its final location. In efforts to keep costs down without compromising quality, a new solution was created. A home built somewhere else and delivered on or behind a truck. We new refer to these homes as "factory built housing".

Differences Between Manufactured/Mobile, Modular, and Ready to Move Homes


Manufactured/ Mobile Homes

Modular Homes Ready To Move Homes
Factory Built  Yes Yes  Yes 
Move in Ready  Yes  No Yes 
Transported in Sections  No  Yes No 

Transported Complete

Yes   No Yes 
Quality  Good Better Best


Manufactured/Mobile Vs. Modular Vs. Ready To Move Homes

Within the concept of factory built housing there are several different styles of homes.

There are many reasons why someone may choose to build a factory built home. Here at Destiny Homes we always offer a free price comparison between a factory built house and a site build so that you know your getting the best value for your dollar.

1. Manufactured/Mobile Home - First there are "mobile homes" also known as manufactured homes. These are loosely related to travel trailers. They are both built on a chasis and can be moved or removed fairly easily. However, travel trailers are intended for recreational purposes, while mobile/manufactured homes are intended to be left at permanently or semi permanently.

2. Modular Homes - Secondly there are modular homes. These homes are by nature closer to on site built homes in that they use similar materials and have to conform to the same building codes. Modular homes use two or more “modules” that are trucked to a location independently of each other and are then merged together on site.

3. Ready To Move Homes - Lastly there are Ready To Move homes. This is the type of home Destiny Homes primarily concentrates its efforts on.  An RTM is no different than a site built home once it is placed on a final foundation. The size of an RTM is only limited by the route that has to be taken to get to the final home owner’s location. A lower bridge somewhere may limit the height or a narrow driveway may limit the width. But in our area we are lucky enough that we can often find alternate routes. 

RTM Quality

At Destiny Homes we have built and shipped two story homes; homes of well over 45 feet wide and large homes pushing 3000 square feet on one level. Sometimes we even ship attached garages all in one move! Destiny Homes was a site built home building company starting in the early 1990’s. We became very familiar with home building and demanded nothing but the best quality for our clients. This philosophy didn’t change when we started building RTMs in 2005. The quality that goes into each RTM home is at least equal to our site build homes.  We use the same materials and the same suppliers for everything. Every home is pretty much a custom design, not two homes we have ever built are the same. We go one step further actually: Our RTMs are built much stronger than our site built homes. We use a lot of very powerful glues during the framing stage. Most sheathing is glued to the walls and walls are glued to the floors. In addition, we install a lot of OSB sheathing on the inside of the home, under the drywall. This doesn’t just help with the strength needed for transportation, but also is very nice later on when you would like to hang pictures and such!

Your Home, Your Way!

Some people think that a custom home costs more. In reality, we think of it more like a unique home. Everything we provide in the home is chosen by our clients. This means that you don’t only have control over the paint colours, but also over the cabinetry; floor coverings; shingle colour and style; siding options; window and door designs and so on. We obviously have our “standard” products, because we have to start somewhere. But from there you can choose to upscale or even down scale, depending on your budget or taste. We will guide you through the entire process. When you are not able to be near or at our manufacturing facility, we keep you informed through our online portal through which you will keep organized with all documentation; change orders and financial budgets.  In addition, we upload pictures of the progress on your home regularly. In the end, we take care of all the worrying; scheduling and quality control, while you still have the option to put your personal touch on your home!

 Additional Benefits Of An RTM

Below are just a few more benefits of why you should consider building an RTM

  • Quality Control - Because RTM's are built in a factory, we always have supervisors and quality control officers on site. This means daily quality control checks to ensure that our homes are of the highest quality.
  • Cost Control - In a factory setting, costs can be kept down as materials can be purchased in bulk and left over materials can be used for the next house. Sub trades also do not have to incur travel costs and there is no wasted labour cost for constant set up, take down, and transportation.
  • Time - An RTM can be completed much faster as there is no wasted travel time, set up and take down of equipment and you can have the foundation built simultanously with the home construction. Some people think that buying an RTM that is already prebuilt saves you time, however the delay caused by permits and building a foundation often means there is no time difference between buying an already built RTM or buying your dream custom RTM Home.
  • Controlled Environment - In a controlled environment, there are fewer surprises that can lead to more accurate budget and schedule estimates.
  • Convenience - We take care of the construction of your home so you don't have to worry. Also, you wont have to live through a construction site.

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