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There are many reasons why someone may choose to build an RTM. Here at Destiny Homes we always offer a free price comparison between an RTM and a site build so that you know your getting the best value for your dollar. However, when the most cost effective way of choosing a new home is a transportable home, many people do not know what to choose:

Why Choose An RTM Over A Modular Or Manufactured Home

First off, it is important to understand the three transportable options you have.

1. Manufactured/Mobile Home- A manufactured house is factory built and transported. This house is not always placed on a permanent foundation, making financing more difficult. They are also built to a lower standard than an RTM. These can lower in value over time.

2. Modular Home- A modular home is factory built and transported in two or more sections. Again, most modular houses are built to lower construction standards than an RTM.

3. Ready To Move (RTM) Home- A ready to move home is also factory built, but adheres to much higher building standards. Because of the increased quality in the building process, an RTM is able to be transported in one piece. Everything in the home, from floor coverings, to cabinetry is completely finished when the RTM leaves our yard, allowing you to move in right away.

The number 1 reason to purchase an RTM over a modular is that you get a much stronger and higher quality home with NO COST DIFFERENCE between an RTM and a modular!!! Why wouldn't you choose a better home for the same price. Our RTM's are built to higher standards than most site built homes. RTM's are also fully finished when they leave us so they are basically MOVE IN READY. Our RTM's are also fully customizable for no additional cost. Since we utilize engineered open web floor joists, we are able to place services in the trusses.

 Additional Benefits Of An RTM

Below are just a few more benefits of why you should consider building an RTM

  • Quality Control - Because RTM's are built in a factory, we always have supervisors and quality control officers on site. This means daily quality control checks to ensure that our homes are of the highest quality.
  • Cost Control - In a factory setting, costs can be kept down as materials can be purchased in bulk and left over materials can be used for the next house. Sub trades also do not have to incur travel costs and there is no wasted labour cost for constant set up, take down, and transportation.
  • Time - An RTM can be completed much faster as there is no wasted travel time, set up and take down of equipment and you can have the foundation built simultanously with the home construction. Some people think that buying an RTM that is already prebuilt saves you time, however the delay caused by permits and building a foundation often means there is no time difference between buying an already built RTM or buying your dream custom RTM Home.
  • Controlled Environment - In a controlled environment, there are fewer surprises that can lead to more accurate budget and schedule estimates.
  • Convenience - We take care of the construction of your home so you don't have to worry. Also, you wont have to live through a construction site.

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