On-site Built vs. Ready to Move Homes: Which is right for you?


Building your own home on-site involves a lot of work and money. Some people don’t have the time or patience for all that comes with making their dream house from scratch. It’s not surprising that many choose to buy ready to move homes.


A ready to move home (RTM) is fully constructed and finished on a Destiny Homes site, and shipped in one piece to your site. Destiny’s RTM homes can be placed onto a full basement foundation when arriving at your delivery location or be fully self contained.


Ready to Move Homes: Pros and Cons



Less Construction Time – The RTM construction process takes less time than traditional construction methods. Furthermore, you can have your foundation and permits completed at the same time as your RTM gets built. This allows you to move in faster once the home is completed.


Fewer Weather Delays – Weather has a significant impact on traditional construction sites. Freezing temperatures or windy conditions can shut down construction and add delays to your home building process.


Better QualityDestiny Homes RTMs are built to a higher standard. We are certified under CSA A277 and all our homes get inspected daily for quality control.


Controlled Environment – Ready to move homes produce less waste and material on-site, reduce on-site theft, and minimize on-site damage/vandalism.


Cost Savings – By having our workers build on the same lot day-in day-out, there is no cost incurred by traveling long distances to the construction site.


Transportation costs are impacted more by size and route than distance. We may need utility companies to lift power lines in order for our delivery vehicle to fit.


If you are looking to make your next home a fully-custom RTM, contact Destiny Homes today (403) 345-4430!