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It's in your destiny to have a beautiful home.

As your home builder, Destiny Homes Inc. is dedicated to providing industry-leading customer service, building techniques and post move-in support.

We understand just how much you invest your time, energy, and finances into building your dream home. We build our working relationships on trust and support so you know you'll be taken care of every step of the way. In fact, many Destiny Homes Inc. customers have returned year after year for multiple builds with our company and that is the ultimate demonstration of trust.

Our Team

Meet the fantastic Destiny Homes Inc. team! This group of passionate custom home builders have built hundreds of homes for families all across Alberta and Saskatchewan.




After immigrating from Europe, I had a vision to create a company that builds quality homes for satisfied customers. In 1992, my vision became reality when Destiny Homes Inc. was established. Home building was only the beginning for Destiny Homes Inc. as I soon expanded into commercial and agricultural developments. We have since expanded into Ready To Move Homes.

My job is to oversee everything that goes on. This means weekly meetings with other team members to make sure everything is going well. I help problem solve any challenges we may face. I also do all the quoting for our homes.

Music is one of my passions as well. I am a member of several groups such as the Lethbridge Community Band and have formed other organizations such as Tuba Christmas and the Polkaholics.

Although you may not see me as much as the other team members, I will be fully involved in your project as we work closely as a team here and we communicate daily about each project.



Production Manager

I have been working in the construction industry for over 30 years. It is my job to keep the site running smoothly. I make sure the materials are ordered, the workers are meeting deadlines, and that the home is built to our high standards of quality. I am also a qualified technician under the Alberta New Home Warranty Moisture Smart Program.

I love spending time with my children and grandchildren. We often work on small projects around the house.

You will probably see me on the site quite often, where I pride myself on knowing the details of your build. If I had to describe myself, I would use the words "efficient", "effective", and "meticulous".



Sales Manager

I've been working with Destiny for over 10 years and have over 20 years of customer service experience. I really enjoy my job because I get to help people turn their dream into reality.

In my spare time I enjoy skiing and camping with my family. I also have a technical background and experience in residential, commercial, and agriculture building.

I will be the first person you meet when you contact us. We will discuss all the different aspects of your build and I will personally be with you the entire journey. This means that I work with you on the design of the home, take you shopping for your selections, upload critical information to our client portal, and I will be there for the final walk thru on possession date. I'm the guy to contact if there is anything you need during the build.


The Story of Destiny Homes

Hi, I'm René van de Vendel, president and owner of Destiny Homes Inc. I would like to tell you a bit about myself and my journey with custom home builds.

I grew up in a small town in The Netherlands called Beesd. As the son of the towns school principal, I had to find creative ways to fuel my passion - working with my hands. This led me to going door to door on my bicycle asking the nearby farmers if there was some work I could do. As I grew older, I realized that the lack of space in The Netherlands meant that I would have to move away in order to start my own farm. So that is exactly what I did when I was 17.  I hopped on a plane to the other side of the world and started farming for a family that sponsored me into Canada. One summer my sponsor family decided to build a home and asked me to help. I immediately fell in love with construction and spent as many hours as I could on the tools. It wasn't long before I decided to quit farming and become a full time carpenter. In 1992 I started Destiny Homes Inc. as a custom home builder in Coaldale. In 2007, we decided to offer our clients ready to move homes as well. The reason for this is that we wanted to offer our clients the most cost effective option, allow our clients more flexibility for their move in dates and allow them to take on some areas of the project on their own such as the foundation work if they chose to.

I realized that farming taught me many things that were very applicable to construction. A strong work ethic, ability to manage your resouces efficiently, problem solve when unexpected breakdowns occur, and finally, a desire to make a difference are all transferable skills.

Since 1992 I have settled in Coaldale and have grown personally alongside my business. I joined the Lethbridge community band as a euphonium player and have been able to utilize my experience as a business owner to become the president of the band and spearhead many unique initiatives such as Tuba Christmas and coordinating over 80 people for a trip to Europe. I've also seen the need to become involved in the community so i have become the president of the Coaldale Chamber of Commerce to advocate for the best interest of Coaldale. Stepping outside of my comfort zone to learn new skills, become involved and help others keeps life exciting for me.

I'm also married to my beautiful wife Karen and have 4 children. My son Anthony is now of the age where he is starting to become involved in the business and has further increased my drive to keep building our company values.

My family loves spending time together just relaxing from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You will probably find us out at a local lake or going for a scenic drive. I've learnt that having a family is amazing but the stress of life can impact your close relationships. That's why I have trie my best to instill values into my company that are based around offering a stress free project so that no ones family life is put on hold or impacted negatively.

So there's a bit about me and my journey. I hope that I can utilize the skills and experiences I have learnt along the way to make you proud if you choose me as your home builder. We would love to hear from you so call our office and you can chat with me or one of my team members about your project at any time.

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