10 Point Guarantee

Our Guarantee to You

You want to be 100% confident when choosing a builder.  You want your builder to care about your home as much as they would their own. You deserve to feel confident in Destiny Homes Inc. as your builder, and that's why we have come up with our 10 point guarantee!

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Custom Home Guarantee

Each home we build is completely custom. This means that you can spend as much time as it takes and make unlimited changes to any floor plan design in order to make sure that your new home will fit your lifestyle. We also allow you complete control over what goes into your home. The only catch is that we won't allow you to impact the structural quality of the home.

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Communication with 24/7 Access to Your Project

Each project is entered into our project management software. We give you access to this online portal, where you can see loads of details about your build. Progress pictures and videos are constantly uploaded so you always know how your build is going. We also assign a project contact so you can call, text, email, etc about any questions or concerns you may have. We guarantee we will respond in a timely fashion.

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Honest Pricing

We won't play games with your pricing. You will be given a fixed price contract with detailed specifications outlining what is included in your home. This price does not change unless you choose to make a change along the way. We then provide you with a quote for any additional cost or credits and you must sign off before we proceed. You will always have access to a breakdown of your changes so you can make informed decisions. We guarantee there will be no surprise fees at the end.

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No Sneaky Transport Costs

We guarantee that we will be honest with you over the cost of moving your home. We won't hide some of the cost in the house to try and trick you into thinking the move is cheaper than it actually is. We also won't add a markup for longer distances as the price of a move is related more to the width and height of the house as opposed to the distance travelled. That is why we ship all over western Canada. Each estimate for the home move will be forwarded directly to you so you see for yourself what the cost actually is.

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We know that this is a big investment for you - but it is also a HUGE investment for us too! For over 25 years we have specialized in building custom homes. We use qualified tradesmen on your home. See some of our testimonials to hear about how our past clients enjoy working with Destiny Homes

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Non Negotiable Quality

We believe that our clients deserve the highest quality. That is why we are certified by CSA where we have daily inspections and tests on our homes. We also have a 397 point checklist to ensure that every part of the build maintains the highest quality standard. We guarantee that your home will pass each point of the checklist or else we won't stop working on your home until the checklist in complete.

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We guarantee your possession date. There is a detailed schedule in your online portal so you can keep up to date with our schedule and trust that we are hitting each milestone as required. By accurately cross referencing our predicted schedule with our actual progress, we can know well in advance if we need to put more resources into completing a task.

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Free Shopping Appointments

All of our home builds come with a free shopping appointment for your selection items such as cabinetry, floor coverings, tiling, lighting, etc. We can provide as much or as little input as you like and the appointment can be as long or as short as you choose. We also have experts at each location willing to provide their input if desired!

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We guarantee that all of our homes will be professionally cleaned before you move in. We understand how important a new home is and we want to make sure you are absolutely thrilled and ready to move in once you get possession.

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Each home we sell comes with an Alberta New Home Warranty Guarantee.

  • 1 year on material and labour
  • 2 years on delivery and distribution systems
  • 5 years on the building envelope
  • 10 years on the structure

We will be happy to discuss our warranty in further depth at any time.

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