Building Process

The Destiny Homes 9 step process

Building a new home is a HUGE investment. Often times our clients have an idea of what they want, but don't know where to start. That is why we have a 9 step process to ensure that we will get you your dream home without any stress.

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Step 1: Initial Contact

Whether you call, text, email, Facebook message, or contact us through our website, we will spend some time with you discussing your project. We gather up some key information such as your timeline to build, site location, preference for on site or off site build, etc. This allows us to understand your project better and we can see if we are able to help. We also provide you with some general information about us so you can see what sets us apart.

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Step 2: Meeting

If we both feel that we might be a good fit, we will book a meeting. Preferably this meeting is done in-person but we can schedule a zoom or phone meeting for anyone who is out of town. During this meeting, we ask many more in depth questions about your project.

We strive to build the house you want and we encourage you to discuss any ideas, needs, wants, or future considerations. The more detailed we get, the more accurate we can be later on when we present you with a quote. We do this, so that we don’t have to “surprise” you with a big bill at the end of the build as we value transparency. It is also important for you to be open with your budget so we are on the same page and offer the right solutions.

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Step 3: Conceptual Drawings

Now the fun starts! You will now start the actual design process of your home. We take your wants and desires and draft up a floorplan and front elevation of your home. We give you unlimited revisions over any length of time as we want to make sure that you get exactly the home you want that will fit your lifestyle. We want our clients to feel 100% confident in the home they are getting as well as choosing us as their builder. That is why you are not under any contractual obligation to us during the design phase. We do however charge a $200.00 design fee to cover our costs.

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Step 4: Budgetary Quote

Once you fall in love with your floor plan design, we put together a budget quote. A budget quote is a non binding estimate of the cost to build your home. Most people want to know that their choices are going to be within their budget before spending any more money on blueprints. Without blueprints, we cannot give you an accurate number on your home (or build it either!). That is why we choose the next best alternative and give you a budget quote based on the floor plan. In our experience, the budget quote is usually very close to the hard quote. Again, we do not force our clients into signing any contracts with us at this stage as we want our clients to really trust us and have all the information they need before any legal documents are signed.

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Step 5: Blueprints and Energy Evaluation

If the budget quote falls within your budget, it’s time to turn your floorplan into full blueprints and get an energy evaluation done. All new homes in Alberta are required by code to have an energy evaluation completed and blueprints drawn up. The cost to make blueprints is $1.20 per sqft and the energy evaluation is $500.00. Both of these are important for us to provide you with an accurate cost on your home.

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Step 6: Fixed Quote

We are now ready to give you a fixed quote on your new home. This quote will include detailed specifications so you know exactly what is or is not included in the home. We sit down and review the documents with you so we are both on the same page. If you have any questions or are unclear on anything, then we will do our best to give you the answers you are seeking. The reason we do a fixed price contract is to ensure that we won’t secretly make up some charges along the way and leave you with an unexpected big bill. If we incorrectly priced an item then it is too bad for us. We guarantee we won’t pass over our cost because of a mistake we made.

However, if you do decide to make changes to the scope of your project along the way, we will fully support you. We will provide you with an estimate for a charge or a credit for your requested change order to the contract and have you approve or deny the variance before proceeding with the work.

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Step 7: Signing of the Contract

Once you are happy with the design and fixed price of the home, we sign the contract. This is the first time we are contractually obligated to each other. We want to show you our gratitude for trusting us. THANK YOU! We will do everything in our power to give you the home you deserve!

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Step 8: Construction Starts

The moment you have been waiting for! We start construction of your new home. You will be given access to our online portal where you can see progress pictures and videos, see our schedule so you know when everything is happening, sign off on any variances you wants, sign off on selections such as paint colors etc. We also will have you do a walkthrough once framing is complete. This way, you get to physically see your floor plan and make sure the physical home is the same as what you thought it would be on paper. We also will select placements of electrical outlets/switches/lights etc to best suit your lifestyle.

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Step 9: Your Dream Home!!!

The home is completed and cleaned, the bills are paid, and the keys are now yours! We hope you enjoyed a stress free experience with us and that we have built a long lasting relationship together. We offer Alberta New Home Warranty on all of our homes in case any issues arise.

Ready to start your project?