Site Built Homes

Where to Start With Custom Site Built Homes

If you are wanting to build, we recommend browsing our floorplans to get some ideas of what you like. Once you have some inspiration, we can build an existing plan, customize an existing plan or design a new plan that fits your lifestyle. We love when our home buyers are involved in the process because we want you to get the home that's right for you.

Custom Built Homes

The term "custom" is used a lot in the building industry. For some builders, it means that their clients can choose between 3 different sinks or make a bedroom a bit bigger. The changes can sometimes come with a big bill for a small change. At Destiny Homes, we give our clients complete customization. This means that we don't put limits on what you can choose and we don't charge extra because it's "custom". The only thing we won't let you choose, is the structural integrity of your home.

Site Built Warranty

We take pride in building a quality home. That is why all of the homes we build come with Alberta New Home Warranty. Click below to find out more about how our warranty is structured.

Quality Guaranteed

Choosing a builder can feel like a big decision to make. We want your home building experience to be one of the best choices you make. That is why we have a 10 point guarantee.

Online Client Portal

When you build with Destiny Homes, you will get access to our online
client portal. This portal gives you 24/7 access to your project so that you always know what is
going on.

Selections and Change Orders

All selections and change orders will need to be signed off on the client portal. This way, you know exactly what you have chosen and can see if there is an attached credit or charge.

Progress Pictures and Videos

We upload progress pictures and videos onto the portal so you can watch as your home is being built, even if you are from out of town.


You will have access to our build schedule. This way, you can see what jobs will be done on what days.

Ready to start your project?