Your relationship with Destiny Homes Inc. now enters a new phase. You are entering the First Year Material and Workmanship Warranty Period. It is normal that some items will require attention during the first year given the sheer number of systems, products and materials used to build your home.

Rest easy as Destiny Homes Inc. will work with you throughout your Warranty Period. Typically a new home undergoes a number of change in its first year due to factors like dryness, extreme cold, heat and humidity.

Destiny Homes Inc. will respond to correct these situations in a timely and efficient manner to have your home always at its best. We stand behind our product, so give us a call and we will get it taken care of.


All homes are covered under the "New Home Warranty Program". The objective of this program is to protect home owners from being left high and dry from shady contractors. The program also sets standards over what is considered a valid warranty claim.

Our warranty is outlined as follows:

  • 1 year on labour and materials
  • 2 years for delivery and distribution systems
  • 5 years for building envelope protection
  • 10 years for major structural components


We are also a certified "Moisture Smart" builder, with 2 technicians on staff to make sure your home has no moisture problems.

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